Friday, February 01, 2008

You should shut up and knit before we figure out that you are both stupid AND annoying-

--Welcome to Betsuary. In celebration of the bestest of months, I am digging thru the photo albums for fun and general amusement. I plan on a different decade each week. We will start with the 1960s-I think this was from 1968. It's funny, when we are little we cheese for the camera. Then, when we are older, we don't cheese, but are offended when our photos show us as sullen dorks.
--Dorks, like cream, rise to the occasion, and claw their way to the top of the dumbass pedestal. There's a lot of dork posturing on Ravelry.
--Take for example the YarnSaleORama forum, where one of my friends posted a link for a decent quality, well known, bulky yarn at a fire sale price. Someone had to pop on there and say "Oh, too bad it's not dk or fingering weight...." Oh, you mean, "Too bad it's not spun from fairy farts during the light of the last full moon and dyed with plankton recovered from Matanuska Glacier!" That's what you really mean. Shut up and find your own bargains.
--Or recently on the "DesignerKnockOffs" forum, someone was asking for a pattern of "LeReallyExpensiveFrenchBag". I was trying to encourage, and talked to the seeker about the design elements, and how she might fake them, and generally, just encouraged her to try it. And the moderator (who lives in Florida, and is a beginning knitter) pops on and says "Oh, and do two patterns, because I don't like felted bags. And I think you should make latigo handles." Oh, GRRRRR--knit your own LeFakeO.
--And Hat Attack-I am sooooo crazy excited about the upcoming Hat Attack! It's a knit group, and of course someone had to pop on and say "Oh, too bad it's knit, because I haven't caught the knitting bug, I CROW-SHAY." I had to step in and say "Oh, you should start up the crochet version." I think she shuffled off in her bathrobe.
--These people clearly indulge in too much whine. None of these people ever smacks themselves in the forehead and says "Wow, I COULD try that." I'd like to help them out with that smack. For starters.


Suzann said...

What a cute Bets! Sounds like a great month.
Have you come across the people, ok women who ask for something and when it is suggested they could Google for it. Get mad and call you cold and off putting? hmm run on sentence. I have given up on several Yahoo groups because they seem to attract the dimmest light bulbs in the universe. Dim and touchy. Geez how about I just knit it for you, it would be less of a pain. Where do they come from? Has someone always done their thinking for them?

Joan said...

ROFL...wiping eyes....I need to start reading some Ravelry forums. Or maybe not.

Way adorable photo of mini Bets! Can't wait for more.

kellygirl said...

Awww, that's such a cute picture!

It's kind of fun reading through some of the forums. I usually just lurk though--seems safer.

Grace Yaskovic said...

Bets you are adorable but my daughter Debb would argue its Debbruary since today is her birthday!!! She starts the month and you my dear end it!!! Which day is SK's so we can plan our little contest?

Lisa W. said...

awwww..lookie at you! you haven't changed a bit! same great smile, same pinchable cheeks! yeah, i hear you on the chatboards....i don't comment lots because i think to self...hmmmm....they'd learn a lot more if they started hunting this stuff down and how-to's their very own selves....or someone makes a comment that's totally appropo of nothing and you go ...huuuuhhhh? and wonder....but then again..lots of nifty folks and helpful ideas abound a thrift store, have to sift the wheat from the chaff...but lots of chaff..hmmm wonder if that's where the term chaffing comes's friday, i'm off work so i get silly sometimes.

junior_goddess said...

That's chapping, Lisa, as in
"That chaps my ass!"


Cindy G said...

Snort. Since the floor is open to whining, the one that got my goat was the "I want to make a ___ style sweater out of ___ yarn - can anyone suggest some patterns?"

I mean, the whole thing is a database, a searchable database. So go search.

Thank you for allowing me to get that off my chest. I'll go back to behaving myself now.

Ghislaine said...

Love the photo!
Thanks for the laugh. It's 4 o'clock on Saturday morning and I was annoyed at not being able to sleep. Your post cheered me right up!

Evelyn said...

OMG Fairy Farts???
What next girl !!! You certainly are a gem of a friend.

Gryffinitter said...

And I am drawn to the really strange threads, and then make myself a little sick reading the one on knitting your own coffin, for example...or the one on "Ravatars" that offend people...And I have not checked recently to see how many pages we are up to in the grand discussion of whether your LYS should wind hanks into balls for you, and exactly what factors should affect this. (Last I looked, it was 12)

On the other hand, the two forums on audiobooks (one on audiobooks in general and one on librivox in particular) have useful technical information, as does the Lendrum forum. There is some good stuff out there, but I think you have to be very choosy about what you read.

I have self-censored several mean comments in this paragraph here, so I'd better stop now!!!


PS - Betsy - you cute, you allus wuz cute, you just can't shake it. And don't feel badly, my feet are about a nine.

Les said...

Hey, what a sweetie! I envy your bangs! My mom could never get mine right between cuts! Yours come down from the right place and are cool. That's what I wanted!