Thursday, January 31, 2008


Surf at the speed of light to Discontinued Name Brand Yarns. They are having a SALE on rhinestone zippers. I saw that and I couldn't think of anything else this morning. I went straight to the zippers and bought an armload. I had seen these before and admired them, but the price (23.00 for a 22" zipper) always stopped me. These zippers are 1.99. They aren't really multi-colored rhinestones, in the traditional sense, but aurora borealis. Blingy.


Suzann said...

Where is Joan, she has been feeling blingy. Perfect for her niece. These would look great on a knitted bag.
Thanks for the link, you enabler you!

Evelyn said...

Holy Crap !!!!
I have some of these in just plain old black and white and I paid between $18.98 and $22.98 depending on the size.
Thanks for the tip Bets.
Between all of us at Elann we will buy them out.

Suzann said...

Bets what have you done to me? I bought 6 of them. Not sure how I ended up with two pinks. I don't have a sewing machine. The power of Bets suggestion on my tincy brain :-)

Joan said...

Thanks for the lead, Bets. Mine arrived today. Love them & whatta deal!