Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Da Mail (Part Deux)

Wow, the mailman came again today! The dog had a fit.

I finally took the plunge and ordered some Knitpick Options. They look like my Inoxes, I am anxious to give them a try. I ordered them in my common sizes-5, 6, 7.

There was a white box today-it IS summer knitting time, after all. Wouldn't you know that a cold front came in last night and dropped us 30 degrees?

I also got a big box from Kohls with a Dockers jacket for DH. You know the drill on that-"I broke my zipper on this coat, can we see if I can get a new one, 'cept in black? I really like that coat, I've had it for, what, 5 years?" Later, "But it's not the same-I don't liiiikkkkkke that waistband..." I think to myself "Shhhhh. It's 70% off, it's black, and it's a tall for your monkey arms. I am ordering it and you WILL try it." Heh. Shush up and listen to the wardrobe manager. At least she makes sure your jacket shows up on the day you will freeze your tuckus off.

I also got a box in from Penzeys! If you have never shopped there, oh, for God's sake, get ye on their mailing list yesterday! Seriously, we've been trying to eat clean this year, and haven't done too terribly. A good variety of Penzey's products helps a lot. If you don't order anything else, Fox Point and Mural of Flavor are the two blends you must try. Do it. Your family will think you learned how to cook or something.


smariek said...

I almost thought that one to the left of the Camila said "Junior Goddess", LOL. Those KnitPicks needle sure are colorful!

Joan said...

Mah Gawd, has she finally come over to the dark side of Options needles?? Just a note on the wood versions..I have snapped 2 of them off at the join just in the course of knitting. The wood is too fragile for me. But the metal ones---awesome! I'll be curious as to your experience with them.