Saturday, January 05, 2008

Buyer's remorse

I've shopped New Year's online yarn sales alot. I've also been stuck with a lot of crap at New Years sales. This year, I shopped ONE New Year's sale--Web's. My box came in today. I had one cone of 2/4 tweed wool, and 10 skeins of Noro Cotton Hill, which was described as nubby, and should be described as a boucle. I wish I'd bought more of the tweed (15.oo per kg), and none of the Noro (3.99).
Note to self-Don't buy any more Noro. It's not like you actually knit it.
I really like the tweed, tho. THAT's going to be DH's Cobblestone, or some such. That's the ultimate guy color-grey tweed with flecks of blue and brown, and charcoal. Perfect. Goes with almost everything.
DH made me laugh today. I bought him two Docker's sweaters to wear on a trip at the end of the month. Lightweight ones. (We need sweaters for about 15 minutes a year around here.) I showed him his sweaters. He touched one and said "ewwww, I don't like the fabric. It feels really plasticky. And slimey." I questioned him a little more on that. He really DOESN'T like acrylic sweaters at ALL. (I think time in Alaska spawns a distinct acryliphobia.) He would really like wool instead.


Les said...

I've never seen that Cotton Hill, but then I don't get out much! The tweed does look lovely and will be great for a He-man sweater! That's funny - acryliphobia - good going!

Joan said...

Bummer on the Noro but I love the color. You'll sell it, try the destash on Ravelry.

The only yarn I am buying for the foreseeable future is undyed sock yarn for dyeing. Even passed the DB cashmere by. ;-o

Lisa W. said...

i don't care at all for noro cottons but am a total no-ho about their woollies. just ordered some of their new sock's sockcity up here these days...1 it's cold outside....remind DH about how his nose hairs will frost up inside right about now.....

Christine said...

I've never tried this Noro cotton, but I do like most of their wool and wool + other fibers. I made a sweater out of Silk Garden, and while I did spend some time removing "vegetable matter" while I knit it, the finished sweater is great. I've got some Iro around here, and some Silk Mountain and Lily, too, so I guess I'm a Noro fan.