Sunday, January 06, 2008

Pipe down, Junior-

I put aside my knitting wanderlust long enough to start something. I started the Cobblestone pullover for DH. (BTW, if you want to make this in a heavier yarn, the Tahki website has one. I think it's totally weird the Tahki and IWK would publish the same EXACT pattern within 15 minutes of each other....but I digress.) I am using Tahki Lima (acrylic!! and alpaca) and some CTH hand dyed laceweight, because I think this is a better sweater if there is a tonal difference-a tweed, a heather, a multicolor, something-that plays up the textural contrast. Plus, I can really up my knitting yardage stats by holding two yarns together, PLUS this is supposed to be an aran weight yarn, and I am not seeing that.

I modified it slightly by putting in ribbing at the bottom, and keeping the garter racing stripes all the way down. (Anyone that has ever had to wear hand me downs can appreciate that modification.) That caused an interesting hiccup, because the garter section was SIGNIFICANTLY shorter than the ribbed section (I just didn't know that would happen) so I short-rowed in an extra row (back and forth, that is) to compensate.

The ribbing was complete when I let DH know this sweater is his.

"Don't knit me any sweaters. I don't need sweaters."

We have this conversation regularly. The last time we had it, I was picking up a few Columbia cotton sweaters for him to have for his early December road trip. "Don't buy me any sweaters" were his exact words. He wore that sweater last week, as I recall. Oh, no, he wore BOTH sweaters last week. Seriously, he doesn't buy his own undies, how much wardrobe input do I have to listen to??
I have to disregard his input on Cobblestone-I have to make it such a kick-ass sweater that it's the one he reaches for first. And I have to have it done at the end of the month!


Joan said...

Did you clear the design of the Cobblestone with your DH first? Just curious.

After knitting 3 Lima projects, I've concluded it's sportweight or DK maybe. Far from the aran they claim it is.

Christine said...

The only male I listen to in terms of wardrobe is my brother ~ he has a distinct sense of style, and is damn picky about what he wears. And, if I knew Kaffe Fasset, I'd probably listen to him, too. Every other male? Heh. Knit it, and he'll wear it. And love it.

(and I agree about Cobblestone needing some tweedy goodness. I love the combination you chose!)

junior_goddess said...

Why, no, I did not get a style pass from DH on Cobblestone. I can't explain that the reverse garter bands at the shoulder and side seams are exactly the perfect garment structure for his figure type. He would burst into tears.


Suzann said...

LOL burst into tears. I have offered to knit socks for dh and he has turned up his nose. I made him try on Dawn's and he thought they felt good. But said, no. Wal marts sock packs are fine. I give up. On the other hand he notices when I wear wooly socks. And comments they look warm. But I am not knitting size 12 wide socks to see the molder away in the sock drawer.
Cobblestone is a very handsome sweater. Mark will love it in the end.