Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What he doesn't know won't hurt him-

I passed the postman on my way back from the Brooks Farm hike today. The back of his truck was open and I saw two big white boxes.

They are probably mine. (It's soooo sad that I know this.)

I got to my house before the postman did, and guess what was on my front porch?? A bursting at the seams box from Ram Wools. Gulp.

It's been years since I ordered anything from Ram Wools. I liked the little zippy bags. I am showing off two colors of Fresh (1.47 a ball) and Watercolor Mix (2.06 a ball). It's a good thing DH wasn't home. I got in about 59 balls of yarn.

I need to zen with my Bond. SOON.


Grace Yaskovic said...

I can so relate Tom stayed home sick today and thankfully never left his bed because mr Mailman brought me 50 skeins of Point Vecchio

Lisa W. said...

i try to shop when dh is out of town..there..it's in writing...;0
mmmmm....great score though! so miss bondypants....i'm going to set mine up later this week and try to do a knitathon (no not knit a thong..sheesh)this weekend...wanna join me virtually? we can have wine coolers...or warm-me ups...

smariek said...

Love how we can rely on little white boxes arriving 3 days later. Too bad we can't always predict when DH decides to take a day off on that delivery day. Especially when we've just arrived home minutes before the mail truck stops in front of the house.

I had never heard of Rams Wools before, just went to check out the site. Sounds like you got a great deal, you can't even buy coffee for the price of those balls. What do you have planned for these? The Watercolor looks interesting.

Anonymous said...

I can relate! My UPS, FedEx, and DHL delivery people all know me personally. They wave at me when we pass each other on the road, and I HAVE stopped them before they turn down my street. They don't mind, because they have to go way out of their way to get to me, and of course I love it, because I can sneak my packages in.

Anonymous said...

What a relief that other people know their delivery people personally. DH made fun of me when the Fed ex guy would wave even when he was on a completely different street! I want to know if the Watercolors is soft. Daryl