Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Guess who came to our house? Last Thursday, I drove to Tyler to pick up Miss Purl. Friday, I drove back, all 371 miles, terrified I'd have to stop to go to the bathroom, convinced she would perish if I ran into a restroom for more than 2 minutes in the 97 degree heat. I only went twice, and the kids at Sonic were good about filling an ice cream cup with cool water for her. Yeah, I paid for ice cream but what the hell.

We were going thru pup names, leaning to Patsy, Ginger, and DH LOVED Sophia. Whatever. I tossed out Pearl, and he jumped on it. It dawned on me that Pearl could be PURL, and I hurried to Petsmart to make a tag. I felt less guilty when I remembered there was also a PERL (programming language) and then it became a matter of me getting my dibs in early!

Sonny LOVES her, and promptly peed on the floor in solidarity with her. At almost 80 lbs to her 13, we have to HEAVILY supervise their introductions. My boy is such a big doof. I bought Purl a pink little stuffie. Sunday, he 'stole' it from her, so she'd interact with him. Yesterday, he got it again, but she was totally OVER it and wanted to play with something else. Poor boy, he's trying SO hard!

Once again, I have a little one in the house. She's tiny, but has a BIG personality. She steals ALL the toys and takes them to her crate. Yesterday, Sonny sat (on a leash) in front of her crate. The door was open, and she slipped past Sonny, picking up all the toys she could to stash in HIS crate.

I am still waiting to get Sonny's results back. Purl's behavior is PURE boxer; she is so different than Sonny, but exactly what I expected in a boxer. It verifies my suspicions on my boy's seedy heritage.

Oh, yeah-the stats: A flashy brindle boxer, female, born 27 May 2010. Weight 12 lbs 9 oz.