Sunday, November 22, 2009

There's a new kid in town.....

Meet Sonny-

I think this dog is brilliant. When I went to get ice at the refrigerator door, he cocked his head, and ran around the back side of the fridge to see where the noise was coming from.
When I had to go to the bathroom, he was very interested about things, then ran away to poop in DH's office. He's a clever one, that Sonny is.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well, Ok, then. It's been a long week for me. Lots and lots of pain meds, and sleeping pills (Me! on a sleeping pill) and taping kotex to my wound. The outpouring of antibiotics resulted in some discomfort for me, having killed off all the natural flora and fauna in my body (but I still have a does THAT happen?) I had to go to Walgreens and buy a bunch of home rememedies. So be it, it was my 20.00 and I feel better now.

It's time for me to put away the pain meds and other stuff-I just want OUT of the house, and that is the trade off. I'm motivated.

I got less knitting done than I hoped-hydrocodone is rough on chart knitting, but did manage to work on a few things, one that I've already popped in the mail. Itwas my first sweater for the DGS. I'm claiming 400 yards for it.

I managed to pick up a few bags of the cotton wool blend on sale at Elann this morning, and I look forward to those.....the possibilities are endless.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sometimes you just know.

I had my first post-op appointment on the 29th. I was so relieved to get away from the damned foley! I asked my doc if he meant to send me away with no antibiotics, and he said yes. I had no idea that my troubles were just starting.

Two days later, it dawned on me that the reason my tummy felt so corrugated was because I had new stretch marks....hmmm. Wednesday saw me in the ER, with an infection so large it had to find a way out. I'd sprung a leak.

After two days in the hospital, I came home to a lot of really kind messages, and great mail. Thanks to all of you for your thoughtfulness. I'm not sure where this puts me for the rest of the month, but hopefully, it will all be on the uptick.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Computer Security & Identity Theft

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Christmas gifting for the office

Office gifting is tricky. I've made bags of peanut brittle for FIFTY for DH to take to work. I've made platters of cookies, I've bought SACKS of RitterSport so DH could stuff Christmas stockings with something nice.

Nice. But inconsequential. That's really a tall order. DH is mid-level management. He wants to say "Thank you for digging me out of my messes" to support staff. So what's bigger than a card, yet does not require reciprocation? It has to be a 'one size fits all' gift-EVERYONE has to get the same thing. He's a naturally exhuberant gifter. If left on his own, DH will buy the same thing for staff that he would buy for me. I love his colleagues, but COME ON! ;-)

Last year, everyone got Circle E candles. We happened to drive by the factory, and I made DH pull over. I'm a bit of a quirky weirdo, do you REALLY want me to pick out the fragrances two years running?

I got up early this morning and ordered an armload of these:

I really LIKE Penzeys. A lot. I am glad to spread the gospel of pepper. I think this is the kind of present that even non-cooks can like-or easily re-gift. If you have never shopped a Penzey's, call them up and ask for a catalog. I learn something with every new catalog.

I'm excited about these. A little quirky, a little handy, a little cute. I'm stoked. I might order some for my nieces-with gift cards to go with!

Oh, yeah, and if you include code 43537C with your order, they will throw in a free jar of cinnamon. Offer good thru the end of the month.

Monday, November 02, 2009

My grandma's crazy

And crazy about me.
Christmas stockings, 2009.

Allrighty then-a real mixed bag!

I found a half bottle of amoxycillin on Saturday, and started taking them. What a difference it makes!

It's been an odd hour. When DH came home, we dashed off to the grocery-he's not going to be around for a few days, so whooosh! My ragged rundown self-I LOOK like I just went thru surgery.

While we were there, Glenda stopped us to ask for prayers-her ex-husband has been diagnosed with a gut-punch assortment of tumors and cancers. Their divorce was so ugly. I told DH that is it weird how things work out. If this had happened when they were together-just a few years ago, she was so dependent on him this would have crushed her. As difficult as it is STILL, she is better prepared to stand with her kids as they pass thru this difficult time. We used to stand outside and smoke with them. Glad I quit!

We got home, and DH was reading the golf club newsletter. Someone else we knew passed away-a little dark spot on his belly turned into many visits to MD Anderson and chemo. Younger than me. Now two girls don't have their daddy.

On the plus side, DGD sent me a get well card with photos. So fun, so fun!

I also got a gift package from someone. Oh yay. Lotsa fun stuff in the package! Tea, yarn, a movie....Yay! Perfect, because DH will be gone. And yummiest of all, there was a milk chocolate, honey and green tea bar. I didn't think I would like it, because I am not a big milk choco fan, but I think the tea mellows out the sugars. It's quite tasty! Thank you so much, G!

After that swirl of an hour-I just don't know what to think-but we should be kind to each other.