Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Christmas gifting for the office

Office gifting is tricky. I've made bags of peanut brittle for FIFTY for DH to take to work. I've made platters of cookies, I've bought SACKS of RitterSport so DH could stuff Christmas stockings with something nice.

Nice. But inconsequential. That's really a tall order. DH is mid-level management. He wants to say "Thank you for digging me out of my messes" to support staff. So what's bigger than a card, yet does not require reciprocation? It has to be a 'one size fits all' gift-EVERYONE has to get the same thing. He's a naturally exhuberant gifter. If left on his own, DH will buy the same thing for staff that he would buy for me. I love his colleagues, but COME ON! ;-)

Last year, everyone got Circle E candles. We happened to drive by the factory, and I made DH pull over. I'm a bit of a quirky weirdo, do you REALLY want me to pick out the fragrances two years running?

I got up early this morning and ordered an armload of these:

I really LIKE Penzeys. A lot. I am glad to spread the gospel of pepper. I think this is the kind of present that even non-cooks can like-or easily re-gift. If you have never shopped a Penzey's, call them up and ask for a catalog. I learn something with every new catalog.

I'm excited about these. A little quirky, a little handy, a little cute. I'm stoked. I might order some for my nieces-with gift cards to go with!

Oh, yeah, and if you include code 43537C with your order, they will throw in a free jar of cinnamon. Offer good thru the end of the month.


Chrisknits said...

Thanks for the info. Off to look them over.

Cindy G said...

Excellent choice!

(Would also make a nice gift for a teacher, just sayin')

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up! I saw there is a Penzey's not too far from me, going to check it out. I could do with some freshly ground pepper! Do you know what that spice jar is on the lower right hand corner, the one with the multi-colored label? Really bugging me...went to their site but no description!

Sandra D

junior_goddess said...

Sandra, that's Mural of Flavor-it's a nice no salt blend. My DGD likes it on buttered noodles-I just peeked on the label and the first ingredient is "spices!"


Go down to the store and smell it, it's good.