Thursday, January 03, 2008

"Her whole life has been an experiment in terror"

I love that line. And on the knitting front, I have done my best to live up to it. Over the past two days, I have cast on at least three different projects, ripped out four (I think) and still have, three projects on the needles. Just knitting disatisfaction, I suppose. I went thru my patterns and found some cute stuff, but nothing I want to do right NOW, with the things I have on hand (um, I mean, at the top of the pile).

I learned something today. I suspected it, but now I can prove it's true. If you work short row angles in variegated yarn, guess what happens?

Nothing. Yeah, ok, fine. Don't be all snotty about it.
BTW, you can see tam photos on the last two posts from December.
I told my little brother about the tam thing, and he's all "That's nice, in a 4H kind of way." And I think yes....and no. I understand trade shows. My hat is a sugar sprinkle on a flaming six quart sundae with seven kinds of fruit and chocolate liquer made by elves on alternate Leap Years. I GET it. But my dad used to take us to the county fair and tromp us thru the exhibits. I admired EVERY single blue ribbon. This is my ribbon. And no one else in my family has this, this need to make shit, or play music, or draw, or write, or dance.
No one else, Bets, just you.


Christine said...


I've been going through the same thing ~ swatching, casting on, frogging. I just can't find the one project I really want to knit, now. Maybe it's just a New Year kinda thing?

benne said...

I'm a little at loose ends too since I have, ahem, several things on the needles but I keep wanting to get into my stash and just 'create' something.

Joan said... a 4H kind of way? ;-p

I'm doing socks, just socks. Makes life so much easier. And no one ever looks down their nose at a pr of handknit socks.

Gryffinitter said...

Bets - Wear your ribbon proudly! The ribbon is good! And we are all really really proud of you.



Lisa W. said...

oh heck those silly folks...they probly get excited about big guns or dead animals or fish or 'spensive wine or some such nonsense....your nerdy knitterly friends are VERY VERY excited and proud of your achievement(s) and ....4H rocks anyway! so there...pphhhhbbbbttttt.