Saturday, January 26, 2008

I finished, I finished! My first FO of 2008!!!

Well, almost-I have underarms, some ends, a little Euclann bath and a big //holding my breath to see if it actually fits him// DH try on and photo session. Hope it all goes well. I gotta say, I really like it, now that it's done. Gosh, I hope it fits.

If you make this, the Cobblestone yoke is freakin' endless. I made it a little deeper than suggested for a guy, because guys need roomy pits. (Who knows why?) I made added the depth after the initial decreases, because I was really not sure I had enough yarn. Somehow, I haven't really mastered totally invisible wrap-and turns, and that bugs me. I modified the neck a little, because DH likes ribbing, and I don't like knitting garter in the round.

I used Tahki Lima and CTH laceweight. I tried out the wooden Options on this, and I liked them.



Joan said...

Good luck!! Will be checking Ravelry for more details. I am so glad it's over for you. Now something fun and quick?

NightOwlKnits said...

I can't wait to see the entire sweater - I think it is a terrific design.

I'm oddly jealous too. My DH is one of those guys that runs hot and never wears sweaters, so I don't knit for him...

kellygirl said...

Your picture is a tease--but it does look good! I'll have to live vicariously through all of you Cobblestone knitters--there will be no men's XL sweater knitting in this house.

Nice score on the yarn!

About Penzey's--do you recommend any of the low/no sodium varieties?

Marta said...

I love what you are showing of it. Very nice interpretation!


Anonymous said...

I love the tease and the prospect of an '08 FO.