Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Slow Food

This is not about biodiversity and the philosophy of eco-gastronomy. Not that I don't support that, but I wanted to talk about what came out of my kitchen today.

Bread-that took 8 hours (that's not 8 monitored hours, that's mix the dough up and look at it an hour later to see what it's doing) and stew that cooked for 5 hours. That was stew I browned and chopped for an hour, and then put it to frolic in the oven for several hours.

Wow. You'd think I could cook or something. DH had to comment a little-"cut the meat up smaller" and "you need a chainsaw to cut that bread". I threatened him with "ding-ding" microwave food and he shut the hell up.

The stew process was a little different. Brown the meat, then cook the onions. THEN add flour, then your liquid, blah blah. I threw in beer. It was really good.

The bread was different too-crank up the oven as hot as you can get it, preheat a dutch oven, then throw the dough in the dutch oven, cover and bake. My bread came out very much like a German loaf, with rustic crust and chewy insides.

The how toos are in Cook's Illustrated Feb 2008 issue. Dang, dinner was good around here.

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Les said...

Sounds like a great comfort meal! I have made that bread and you can't go wrong! Love the texture!
BTW, I did make that Poppycock with the bacon fat and you do put the bacon in the mix! It was good!
Went out for mediocre Thai food last night. DS loved it and was going for volume! A pre supper snack for him is to whip up two grilled cheese sandwiches. I don't think he eats much at Univ. as he has to pay for it himself!