Monday, December 31, 2007


The LAST project of 2007. I finished it in time, I just have to take a photo of it ON someone. It's still a little wet, and a little large....and it figures that buffalo doesn't felt, so no fulling the fibers to take up the slack.

Ah, what the hell, this is what I made out of one ball of expensive buffalo laceweight, dyed with KoolAid and knit double. I was hoping I could knit one double stranded and one single stranded out of that yarn, but I am not so sure that can happen. BUT I am sure I can't get hat two done before the deadline, and both hats need to be 100% buffalo for the competition. So the pressure is OFF for hat two. It can be what I want!

I had an AHA moment with this of the normal methods of reducing the crown is reducing once on each point (6 stitches decreased) every row. OR, you could do 12 decreased every OTHER row (one decrease on each side of a fixed point every other row). I had a big deal moment where I decided (remember, I have fine yarn and a 14 stitch repeat to deal with, so I have a ton of stitches to decrease down) to do twelve stitches EVERY OTHER ROW...and the trick part was that I decided to alternate my decrease points from decrease row to decrease row. It sounds insane, but what I GOT was a diamond star on the back of my hat.
I'll post another photo later in the day. It will show better if it's not on the scanner! Two more photos, and I send in my submission.


Trish - My Merino Mantra said...

Bets, it's stunning! I can't wait for the pattern, as I NEED to have that hat for myself! It's beautiful. Good luck on the contest. I still have the buffalo yarn in my stash; I thought I would start something in February. One more thing - did you dye it yourself?

Grace Yaskovic said...

Best of luck bets, it looks like a winner to me, I am so happy you went for it!!!