Tuesday, December 18, 2007

So what it it about this guy, anyhow?

About 35 years ago, when I lived in zip code 80501, there was a mythical guy that my father told me about. It was one of THOSE years, and he'd been robbed of his just cashed paycheck; it was a lean winter.
I haven't heard of him too often since then. One year, I promised my niece that if she didn't behave, Santa was gonna bring her Granny panties. It was the funniest thing to see those size 3XXX undies lying in the middle of the courtyard because she got mad and threw them out the window.
Daryl spoke of him first. She said her DH would not go out and buy his own socks OR underwear. Kelly agreed.
So what the is the deal with a man who asks "Got everything under control?" who won't buy his own undies?? Or cologne? Or a damned razor? Do they WANT a bottle of OLD SPICE? No wonder they get shit for Christmas. They won't buy stuff during the rest of the year.
Hi-ho, Undie Claus!

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