Sunday, December 09, 2007

So how much DOES it cost to help someone keep their job this Christmas?

In my case, it cost about 250.00. I asked DH for a Fenton piece for Christmas, too. The box is in the living room, and I want to peek! That's the vase I asked for-isn't it pretty??

Remember last month, when I told you that Fenton Glass Works was struggling, and might go under? They announced last week that they were restructuring, slimming down (and carrying some imports), and the spring catalog was ready to preview!!!

I am proud to live in a country of people who will stretch a little to keep a company like Fenton going. In no way do I think my post really affected their survival, but if it made you reconsider when you made your Christmas shopping list, I think I did well.

Now, what the heck am I going to use this lovely little vase for? I found kits to convert bottles to lamps. I think that's the right way to enjoy her every day.
Now if we can hit insurance companies that will cover Viagra, but not asthma meds, we'll be in business.


Sandra D said...

My parents did that with a pair of Chinese vases that they had received as wedding presents. Last summer when we were going through my Mom's house (she went to assisted living), my sister got one and I the other. One thing I found interesting was they put rice in them for weights!

I'm sorry about your coffee shop closing. It must be hard.

Gryffinitter said...

And my mom has a lamp she adores that someone ELSE had converted from a Chinese vase.

Bets, it is only by the actions of millions of one person that anything gets done. If you made one choice, and I made one choice, and every single other person in this country made one choice, yeah, it would show up. And if we all made several choices...

The boxes for HUGe this year were sent out with tape made in the USA. Yes, it cost more. Well, it should. The people who made it were covered by OSHA, had flush toilets, maybe even health insurance. So, two of my bucks went the very premeditated way of keeping some other person in the country employed.

I am funding these little efforts here and there (And they really are little efforts - two rolls of tape and a package of pencils will not turn the economy around) by not buying cr*p for a dollar that I would have bought last year, none of which is made here. I don't put out candy, so I don't need another candy dish, no matter how cute.

smariek said...

Pretty vase. Bet you can't wait to open the box. I had never heard of turning vases to lamps, neat idea.