Monday, December 17, 2007

'S embarrassing....

Once again, I backed da Bears. Sigh. Growing up in suburban Chicago, it's something you DO-and you either like the Sox or the Cubs, not both. I wish they'd quit embarrassing me.

BTW, I didn't smoke at all today. AT ALL. Not one. Kinda weird going to dinner and not sitting in the bar or running outside afterwards.

Ate like a bastard, tho.


smariek said...

Way to go! Good luck on the smoking. I haven't had to go through quitting myself, but have seen other people try and fail, so I know it must be tough.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Bets! bri

Enid said...


Marcia said...

w00t! ::I've always wanted to use that word ever since I saw it was the w00t thing to say. Up until now I haven't found an event that I considered truly w00table.::

You must be nearing or almost over the worst hump. Of the physical addiction, not the other kind. Gawd I hope I'm long past my worst hump. heh.

Gryffinitter said...


BETSY!!!!!!!!!! I agree - this is totally w00t-able! Also arms-of-yeah!!!!!!-able.... \o/

And I just rand to ask Braveheart what he thinks of this, and he said "yes!" AUDIBLY. o you GOTTA got the rest of the way, now!

More arms!!!

\o/ \o/ \o/