Thursday, December 27, 2007

Texas Two-step

A one:

and two:

Elann Highland Wool (4 balls) and Lion Brand Fun Fur (1 ball). Began 25 Dec, finished today! Fiber Trends Alpine Boot pattern. This project was "good stuff"! They are drying NOW!

These aren't for me....there's a January birthday in Colorado. Judging from the weather, I'll bet she wishes she had them now.


Les said...


Suzann said...

They are so cute. Are they for you?

Joan said...

Way cute! Double or triple the fur strands to make them denser.

I am involved now in "blinging" my teen niece's new cell phone and her Ipod. It's a riot, or will be when all the supplies get here. Doing it on the cheap myself but here's the inspiration:

kellygirl said...

Y'all are wearing me down. I am going to have to order the FT pattern as soon as Elann comes back from vacation. (I'm assuming they'll be something in the January offerings that I'll be wanting--I'm patiently waiting for the newsletter to come on line.) It looks like a great way to use some of the odd leftover quanities of HW--I saw SK double stranded two different colors too. I love yer boots and I think the fun fur looks just fine.

One question though, do these ever get washed after the initial felting?

junior_goddess said...

Hand washed, yes, Kelly. Or I would just Euclann them like any other sweater.

Cindy G said...

Woo Hoo! I think I need that pattern, because I have tons of eyelash looking for a purpose in life.