Friday, December 28, 2007

Guess I'd better hurry up-

I bought a skein of laceweight buffalo yarn at Kid 'n Ewe. As you recall, I dyed it. My whole REASON for buying a skein of BROWN, expensive yarn was to enter this year's Buffalo Gold contest.

The prize is 200.00. I don't really want to win the prize, I want to win a goodie basket instead. At any rate, I need to hurry up and KNIT something to enter. Quick, like a damned bunny. I "lost" my blue Barbara, and spent Christmas Day hunting her down. I found her last night (Oh, I need to organize my stash!!!) So I have 1/2" of project cast on, and a LOT of deadline knitting to do!!!


Michelle said...

This is so in the bag for you! Yeah! You've published patterns! *squirts water on top of your head* Just keep your gloves up! Your competition is getting tired! *smelling salts*

kellygirl said...

We know you are using this contest as an excuse to buy BROWN yarn--a color which you are secretly starting to like.

Y'better bust a move--that deadline is approaching quick!