Saturday, December 15, 2007

Guess who's coming to dinner?

No shit. I have always aspired to be Mimi Bobeck, but I didn't expect to turn into her. I've been taking Chantix, the stop-smoking drug for about 2.5 weeks now. It works really WELL on the nicotine receptors, however, I am turning into a fat bitch, bless my heart. Chantix has been linked to suicides, and the drug company poo-poos that, but I cry more than a junior high girl now. I am bitchy. And I recognize that I can't take this Rx for more than the original script, there will be no refills for me. I guess I'd better quit sneaking the smokes.

Last week I was making a steamer for one customer, and a single-cup for her fussy husband. The big burly guy (that usually comes in with his 'oh, for God's sake, honey, put a bra on' wife) came in and was standing at the register. The espresso machine sprung a leak. Big burly got a cup and was tapping it on the counter. I almost SCREAMED. And next time, I will just tell him about it.

On the knitting front, it's actually going pretty well-the VKFTCI is almost done.


Marcia said...

Lawdy woman. Could you possibly take on just one more ass biting stressor, during this holiday season?

This medication doesn't sound so good. After the physical withdrawal from nicotine, the emotional edginess comes a close second in the "Worst of the Quit." So I'm having a difficult time imagining the efficacy of a smoking cessation medication that can cause moodiness.

Are you still with me?

I quit smoking about 14 times. My longest quit was 10 years. I know.
But during those 10 years, I missed it like crazy. Whenever I saw someone smoking, I sighed.

But when I FINALLY quit (3 years now?), I never looked back and have had no desire or cravings. And it is still the strangest thing to me, that I don't miss it, after all those years of either smoking or pining for one. I still have a full pack of Marlboro lights in my freezer. They were initially my psychological blankie, but now kind of my medal.

I wrote all this as support, but now I'm worried you'll read it as another empty "you can do it" cheer of bravado.

What I really have to say can be reduced to 2 words. Nicorette Lozenges.

I still gained the weight, but with the lozenges, the weight gain was kind of dragged out so I just pretended it was because I was getting old and not because I quit the nasty.

junior_goddess said...

Marcia, I have never had a quit. Ever. I don't like Nicorette-I don't chew gum, and I think the lozenges just keep you on the nicotine. I am having a hard time filling the TIME I used to use to run out and smoke--like during commercial breaks.

Only one package of this for me, and I think I need to halve the dose. Uberbitchiness is never appreciated during the holidays.

Enid said...

WOW. Good Luck is all I can say. From the sounds of things there are some major lifestyle changes going on at Casa V. Just take it one day at a time. ( i know it's cliche but it works) (((hugs)))

Cindy G. said...

As a "never quit for more than 1/2 day" I'm sending my empathy and admiration. Hang in there.

Marcia said...

Or I hear that the lobotomy cures a lot of ills.

I hated the gum too.

I remember almost ripping my sister's face off while we were on vacation together in SF, just because she pulled the cord on the bus half a second later than I thought was proper. That was quit number 7 I think.

Well, here's hoping the first quit is the charm, for you. Drink lots of water.

p.s. I also had my chakras wiggled, or something like that, by a good friend who is a reiki master. That was a year before the final quit, so maybe it took the long way to stick its landing.

Grace Yaskovic said...

Gotta love Mimi's make up sense, she knows how to get noticed. Good luck Bets, I know its not easy, my eldest DD quit once then lost her job and she has smoked ever since. More then half her life already and neither her dad or I smoke, peer pressure I guess!!! Glad to hear VKFTCI is almost history!!

Lisa W. said...

aack...i prescribe Chantrix pretty carefully...having been a former pack a day gal myself (i still sorta miss my Marlboro 100s) up until about 14 years ago..only quit for about 8 months before that...with pregnancy..and then still snuck a few in..i know i know..) but rolling my car in the middle of the freakin' glenn highway because the cherry from my butt flicked into the back seat and i had to glance back and check that the crap in the back wasn't catching on fire..well that did it for me! Have you tried....ACCUPUNCTURE..? That's one of my least used and most favorite recommendations for folks...along with a little zoloft (decreases appetite..gets rid of the bitchies). As far as finding something else to do with the time..for me it's the knitting....maybe put together a mini kit with beads, wires, all the other crafty stuff in a little basket or box that's portable. When you have the urge..make an earring...or go for a 10 minute fresh air walk. make self a list of 5 different things you can do in that time (brush teeth). OK you got most of my tobacco cessation counseling shpeel (a $135 value according to the billers and coders). email me if you want more. And bottom line..if you get down to less than five cigs/day you no longer have a physical/chemical's all psychological by then. Hugs. i know it's really hard.

Joan said...

Lung cancer is an ugly & premature way to die, equally painful for those watching too. Kick those butts, Ms. Bets. I can't even joke about it. :-(