Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Packages from afar-

DH's "I bought you a present" came in the other day.  It was broken.  My gift is to fix the problem, I think.  You can see it in its glory here; the style is Lubeck.   We searched thru the packaging to find the missing arms, tendrils, whatever you want to call them.  They aren't there.  So two of the arms are half arches.  Looks dumb.

In other news, my cousin sent me a package!  Always love that.   Other countries have much better packaging strategies than we do.  The packages always look like you are getting something that's a really big deal.  I am so excited about the year of the Rat linens!  To me, that IS a big deal.  I'm a rat, can't you tell?

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smariek said...

Were you ever annoyed by other people who would try to find out your age by asking you which year you were? I mean, once you tell them which Zodiac sign you are, they can easily figure it out. You can usually tell between casual interest or trying to get your age.