Thursday, December 20, 2007


I ordered two bottles of Clinique Happy for my nieces last week.  My sister-in-law just called.  The bottles came in.  But the photos weren't ours.  She thought it was kind of funny that we got other Asians.   Guess we all DO look alike.   Anyhow, maybe they can send new stickers in time??

In other news, Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant.  BFD.  The rumor is that Nick is talking about a love and sex special.  She's 16 and her boyfriend is 19.  The age of consent is 18 in California, and 17 in Louisiana.   Maybe they should put him on Judge Judy and lock his ass up.  THAT's a love and sex special that kids NEED to see.


kellygirl said...

"other asians"--you're killin' me, Bets. Hysterical! I wonder who got yours.

That JLS situation is utterly ridiculous. What's the matter with these people who want to turn this train wreck into a love and sex special? Are they out of their minds?

junior_goddess said...


The other Asians got mine, of course! My sister in law called me and told me they got there, and I had her open the box.

"Well, this one kinda looks like Val, but not really."

It was supposed to be me and my brother and mom-an OLD picture. So they will be wondering who the baby is. (me)

Les said...

That is very funny, Bets, about the pics!

smariek said...

Yes, we Asians all look the same. Good example was people who couldn't tell my college rommate & I apart. Me: straight hair, glasses, taller. Her: permed hair, contact lenses, shorter. Hmmm....

junior_goddess said...

Cheer up, I had an evil twin too. Even her next door neighbor that she rescued a cat with confused us. I don't know how. She was Korean.