Monday, December 03, 2007

Introducing the IoP

Many of my Elannimal buddies have had a rough year-deaths in the family, serious illness, frozen pipes-you name it, it's been a tricky one.

Dear T, of Gryffinitter fame, keeps her Infant of Prague figure on her stove so that she can light a candle as needed. (She has small people in her house, and on the stove is probably the BEST place to burn anything.  She doesn't really like to cook, either, LoL.) This evening, it finally dawned on me to ask her WHAT her Infant of Prague looks like.

It looks kind of like this little fella, who I bought in Budapest in 1991 for 25.00 He is Goebel HJ14, and from the trademark, he was made somewhere between 1935 and 1950....judging from the paint style, I would say pre-war.

Put in that perspective, someone had to love him a lot to keep him safe thru the fifty years between the start of WWII and the fall of Communism. He's traveled with me from Hungary to Germany to Alaska to Texas. I know he's been thru a few earthquakes. And TWO military moves.

Ask me why I have this. I don't know why a Japanese Baptist girl from Colorado was traipsing thru Europe, buying Infant of Prague figures. Or holy water fonts. But I did.

T reminded me that when I see my HJ14, who I have rechristened the IoP, I should say a prayer. (IoP-sounds like a union, or a secret society, doesn't it?) Up til now, I looked at him and thought about the day that Judy and I traipsed thru the flea market in Budapest.

I think T is right; prayers are in order. THAT must be why he's been with me for 18 years.


Libby said...

Thanks Betsy.

Amy said...

He is beautiful. He has stayed safe for a reason.

benne said...

Bets, that Infant of Prague is beautiful. You didn't find Him, He found you in that flea market, He was supposed to be yours all these years. Maybe knew you'd have a boatload of Catholics in your life. And knew who would keep Him safe for a bunch more years. :-}

However He came to be yours, I'm glad you have Him.

Enid said...

Prayer is always good my friend. In the last few months I've praid in catholic, I've prayed in pagan, and I've even found refuge in Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō (南無妙法蓮華經, also transliterated Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō)

That's right. It's scrolls across my laptop when it goes to sleep to remind to stop and take a moment. You do what works for you and what works for your soul. Good luck.

junior_goddess said...

Enid-last time I chanted was the 5th anniversary of my mom's death. I did it in the Pleasanton art district.

Enid said...

did it help? or do you prefer other types of prayer?
I'm just curious.
In my hippyish tree hugging naitivity I think you should praise in how ever form reaches you deeper. I'm still searching. Most of the time I stick with what has been branded into my noggin since I was a little girl.

Focus, meditation, deep introspectiveness, I suppose is the key to all prayer. right?
Hope everything is okay, or getting better. Miss you lots!!!

Gryffinitter said...

Thanks for posting, bets! Mine is working overtime and needed the backup.


Trish - My Merino Mantra said...

I have an interesting Infant of Prague story. My mother had all kinds of holy statues, all of which I inherited when she died. One time, she called me all upset telling me that something had happened to the Infant of Prague. When she finally settled down, she told me that it had flown across the room. I am here to tell you that the hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up. What, I asked?! She finally admitted that it had simply fallen off the table, which by itself was still pretty strange. Right now, that statue is in her little dresser in my home, in a drawer where it can't go anywhere.