Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bonecrushingly DULL

I am being well behaved, but this is one DULL project. I've started ball 4, and I think I have enough yarn. I was worried about that; this yarn is supposed to knit as chunky. No way, no how would that happen, more like worsted verging on DK. It IS an attractive and very soft tweed, and I like the way laceweight brings a little interest to it without making it too crazy. I'll probably do that again.

Knitting Daily has started selling Cobblestone patterns at 5.00 each. Tahki Stacy Charles has the same pattern on their website (knitted in Torino, so it's chunkier) for free.

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Anonymous said...

Ilove the way your Lima and laceweight are working up. That will be a beautiful sweater. You have such a great eye for combining yarns. Daryl