Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My archeological findings-

I've been cleaning. I accidentally nudged this bowl, and all my Czech handpainted eggs inside tumbled to the floor. Judy bought them for me in 1990, when we were in Germany. The eggs made it from Germany, to Alaska, to here-and survived almost 20 years.

But the bowl-I hadn't really looked at it in those same 20 years. It is a salt/pepper bowl, and is a souvenir from a shrine in Loreto, Italy. (I looked it up last night.) It commemorates the 400th anniversary of the shrine's transport (by angels, no less) from Croatia across the Adriatic to Italy. Once again, despite growing up Baptist, I find I've bought another Catholic thing. Musta been so my future husband would feel at home.

I've been sorting thru and trying to straighten some knitting stuff this week. There's a lot of it. I need those angels to stop by and help me move stuff around.


Enid said...

I'm your huckleberry. :)

Anonymous said...

Send those angels hither, when you are done with them!