Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why I am the coolest Grandma EVER-

I already know DD will buy chocolate for Easter. DGD goes thru shoes like a hot knife thru butter. These are pearl white with a silver swoosh, and she will LUURRRVVVV them.
PS-I loved them so much I paid full price. !


Michelle said...

Those are some great shoes! I'd pay full price for them too (but I'd have to buy a pair for myself!).

Anonymous said...

Oh, they are gorgeous! You come up with the coolest gifts!


junior_goddess said...

I tried to call DD to get DGD's size, and couldn't reach her...so they are big (she's in 1s, these are 2.5s-better big that outta luck).

DD sounded pretty happy and said "Oh, they should be just right when school starts in September."

Anonymous said...

Such cute shoes! You are the best DGM! Lucky little girl your DGD is!

Enid said...

Super Cute!