Sunday, February 24, 2008

Do ya think you're soxy?

There's one

afoot. I don't even think they need instructions, so pattern-writing shouldn't be a problem. Several companies are sponsoring different categories, so you might not have to buy yarn!!!

Y'all have til the end of December.


smariek said...

Are you gonna enter? You should! You should!

I just noticed your new(?) ticker above about going to Shanghai in 23 days. Sounds exciting! Have you brushed up on your Mandarin? Ni Hao? Wo xiang mai yi dian xian. Oh who are we kidding, you're gonna buy a boatload...

Suzann said...

Actually I think Marie should enter the cable part of this contest. She already has said something about wanting to try cable socks. There is so much junk going on in this house I am completely blank.

smariek said...

Bets, I don't know Chinese either but I'm trying to learn (because the inlaws speak it, and I feel so out of the loop in conversations). I was trying to say, "How are you? I would like to buy a little yarn."

Suzann, YOU should enter too. You've knit so many pretty socks. I have never knit a sock and would definitely have to try at the introductory level of ribbing cuff, and stockinette body. Cables socks are not in the immediate future I'm afraid.

Or maybe all the Elannites can get together to brainstorm and make an übersock.