Friday, February 29, 2008

The new term shall be Leaple

I did some more research, and found that Leapling was a term made up by some 1992 baby's mom for her book. Ah, how existential.

I am gunning for the term Leaple. It's a French surname, but is not an English word. It is a contraction of Leap and People-our birthdays make us special, but we are just people. Leaple works for me! Here's to getting it in Wikipedia.


Suzann said...

I like it. Sign up at Wikipedia and enter it. Really easy to do. Someone might edit you out, but you never know.
Happy Birthday Leaple!

junior_goddess said...

I already did. I have four years to use the term incessantly.


smariek said...

You go, Bets!!!

Sure sounds better than "leaper" (mentioned here,

Lisa W. said...

Happy Belated Birthday to the new founder of the Leaples! Maybe it could even be an optional extra surname for the select few. hope your day was wonderful!