Friday, February 08, 2008


I posted this competition on Ravelry, but wanted to give non-Ravelers a chance. It's a contest to write a birthday haiku for our friend Shui Kuen Kozinski, who's designed several shawl patterns. The announcement is as follows:

Announcing a contest!!! Where SK lives, the temperature has plummeted, and it’s hard to get into town or travel about. Talk about February freeze!!! That’s not a fun way to spend your birthday!! In honor of SK’s birthday next week, Feathersong and I are hosting a Birthday Haiku contest. As you know, a haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. It has a very specific construction. The first line has 5 syllables, the second 7, and the last line has 5 syllables. The message has to be succinct.

So here are the prize categories-
1) a haiku TO Shui Kuen 2) a haiku ABOUT Shui Kuen
There will be one prize for each category.
There will also be a speed demon prize for the FIRST haiku entry.
Already won by Trish@mymerinomantra (see the right sidebar)

To enter: Post your birthday Haiku here or on Ravelry at the Friends of SK group. One entry per person. Contest deadline is 5 p.m. (1700L) Central Standard Time (US) on 14 Feb. Feathersong and I will judge that evening. Winners will be announced on 15 Feb, and prizes will be mailed early the following week. Your entry will be disqualified if it does not conform to haiku construction guidelines.

Please label it “to” or “about”.

Feathersong and I can participate, but not enter.
Need inspiration? Listen to SK’s radio interview. Needles 54 posted the link up on the Ravelry discussion board!
PLEASE USE THIS FORUM FOR ENTRIES ONLY. If you just want to wish Shui Kuen a Happy Birthday in regular ol’ format, see you at Elann next Friday morning!!!

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