Saturday, February 02, 2008

Oh, a party! With PRESENTS!

This appears to be Christmas, 1963, and I am all dolled up behind my cousin Judy, and standing next to her sister, Jeanne. We are all standing in my Grandma's dining room, all revved up by Christmas fun and treats. 'So funny-John, who is wearing the white shirt and bow tie, is STILL significantly shorter (tho no less portly) than my older brother Fred. He's carrying Legos, which I think my parents stepped on and cursed for several years. Yes, I am wearing a kimono and flops. With socks, because I am so ubercool. (Actually, those are tabi.) I love, love, love parties with family. The big messy church-food buffet is just my style. I agonize about what kind of present to bring.

The gaeta (flops) and tabi brought me round to an interesting sidebar. Bri and I were talking a month or so ago, and she was telling me that since she moved to Florida and started wearing flip-flops, her feet grew at least a size. There is, apparently, a medical phenomena where your feet grow because of loose support provided by flops. I don't understand that-my feet GREW at 35, and I threw out all of my 6 1/2s and most of my 7s, but I thought that was just how things worked age-wise. And if flip-flop feet were the case, wouldn't there be a lot of Japanese women with size 10s?

So back to party life. DH has been in Co Spgs all week, and I've been closing up shop and getting W2s together. Today I looked at him and said "Isn't it your mom's birthday?" He sighed and said "No, it's Monday." "I didn't get her anything-what do you think?" "Flowers." Flowers. Ehh. My DMIL is a busy little bird, and appreciates most of what comes her way. Flowers just didn't send ME. I'd been in and out of East Cupcake's few shops this week, and didn't REALLY see
anything that I thought she needed. So I thought about it a little more.

Then it hit me. The Texas wine industry started in earnest about 10 years ago. And DMIL lives in a dry county. And ma likes her glass before dinner. And they SHIP!!!!!! Music to my ears. I feel smug, because I've addressed her likes (wine) and her requirement (30 miles to the nearest liquor store). I would just as soon have a few bottles of Riesling as a bouquet, and I think she'd like to get her merlot on.
On the knitting front, not much is going on. I'm working on some cotton. The pattern calls for lace on 8s. I'm down to 2s (just because my 4s are occupied). Gauge is SO annoying.


Joan said...

I love to get my merlot on as well.

I have those saddle shoes, still!

Is that a humongous hairbow hiding your face (but not your dancing eyes) or have you stuffed a 1/2 pizza in your mouth? ;-p

junior_goddess said...

Wow, Joan-no, pizza was a treat in my family-we were gonna have rice. I don't remember pizza before 1968. Actually, I look like a LOT of my homegirls.

But, when my kids were small, in the early 90s, we were very careful about hairbows for picture day. Kids looked like they had birds nesting in their hair!!!

Les said...

Cute, cute! You can just feel the glee! Are those your two bros? Looks like the "suit" was split up between the two of them, hee, hee! something I woulda done!

Anonymous said...

I'm so enjoying your pictures from times past, but I am still reeling at the thought of the nearest liquor store being 30 miles away.