Friday, February 08, 2008

The Wish Book

It's been at least a year since I actually bought a pattern because I liked the pattern. There is something about a Patternworks catalog that gets my attention. I think this time, the patterns were actually cute and difficult enough for me to think that buying a pattern book would be a square deal.

The cardigan is REALLy cute (and it's knit lengthwise, kids!) but it was the hoodie that REALLY got my attention. I LOVE that neck treatment, I wanna learn how they DID that neck treatment. OMG, they showed me a back/side view, so I could SEE there was no unholy mess hanging out at the back of the garment!!! This is the PERFECT garment for my stoner niece-look at the neckline, look at the lace....both kinda tucked in there. Love it love it!!!
Hat Attack starts tomorrow. My victim lives in FL. I am SOOOOO excited!


Joan said...

Stoner niece...LOL.

Good luck with Hat Attack! You sound so psyched.

Anonymous said...

I got that same catelog and LOVED that sweater and the other patterns its collection. Great minds absolutely think alike, right down to the right stoner friend to wear it!!! Better make that hat something airy and sweatproof. It's been gamey done here.

Suzann said...

Bets you kill me. I got my catalog and I liked both of those too. I think to young for me. But I really like them both.
Good luck with Hat Attack, I know you can do it. The spirit of the Buffalo is with you, Grasshopper

Anonymous said...

I am probably going to be the scary old lady in bright orange lipstick, but I think those things could go any age, depending on what you wear them with.

Going out now to get some of that really BRASSY Henna for my inch-long grey roots.