Sunday, February 03, 2008

Con see err //gggrrrrrr// jjjjah

We went to the depths of hell today. We went to the Apple Store, because it was time for new phones.

I wasn't really wild about giving up my old phone. My last few calls from Dad are still in the call menu. I worked hard all year to keep them there. But I dropped it a few months ago, and the hinge finally fell apart.

Mark bought himself a very expensive Sprint Treo last year; that's a weird calculator/phone/portable typewriter hybrid. We're still waiting for the rebate check on that. Mark was never really happy with it. So off to the Apple Store we went.

The first thing you notice is that the store is packed. They don't have sales clerks, no staff, no store partners. If you can flag a kid down, he's a concierge. I think they made a mistake on that, because MW says a concierge is:

1: a resident in an apartment building especially in France who serves as doorkeeper, landlord's representative, and janitor

2: a usually multilingual hotel staff member who handles luggage and mail, makes reservations, and arranges tours; broadly : a person employed (as by a business) to make arrangements or run errands

Mark and I gave each other desperation looks several times. The store is loud, no one REALLY wants to help you or REALLY answer a question, the security alarm goes off, there's no calm place to set up your new phone accounts. It's set up weird. The guy had to go get our phones from the back-no biggie, but the cases and headsets weren't convenient, organized OR easy to find. And they are getting A LOT of your money.

DH is a computer security wonk. Ask him to type in his credit card and his SSN in that store-with his back to EVERYONE? The only reason he did it is because I watched behind him. We BOTH know better. He was distressed, and after about 5 minutes in the store, I didn't even want a phone, it was so crowded and noisy.

It was WORSE than "Saturday before Christmas" shopping at Walmart. It was AWFUL. So bad, I had to take him to lunch afterwards. At a place with real napkins. And nice staff.


Minnie~Knits said...

I am sad to hear you had a "bad apple" experience.
It does make me excited to know business is good, though. I am a Mac Junkie.
I have had the best service and experiences at my local Apple store, which is at the "Mall of America". You know the biggest freakin' mall ever. Now THAT is torture. Sometimes I forget where I parked and go into a mild panic attack.
I avoid the Mall of America like the plague. But their Apple store is top notch.
The last time I was there, was when my computer crashed. I felt very insecure with the whole Social Security thing, too!
I then proceeded to use their computer to check my eHarmony messages. Like I had no shame.
What can I say.
Businesses are crazy the way they want to extract your personal information. I was in a dress shop for a wedding last year, and a woman was trying to return a belt. They wanted her driver's license number and she threw a FIT. It was funny but I did feel bad for her.

junior_goddess said...

I think it's a bad thing, Minnie-the QUALITY of service is sooo poor that if business ever SLOWS and people take a look at the service they've been getting, there will be hell to pay. We spent more than my mortgage, and I've had better service at McDonalds.

Minnie~Knits said...

This definitely warrants some feedback. I highly recommend you visit their website which has a dedicated feedback form. This isn't just fill in the blank, it's "select which store, which date, which product, and rate us 1-10" kind of a thing. Detailed.
The address is:

It takes about 5 minutes, according to my friend who works at the Apple Store at Mall of America. He said they take these complaints seriously, and if the Apple Store in Texas isn't doing their job, it's a feedback is appreciated.

Michelle said...

I can't stand the Apple store. It totally stresses me out. I don't even ask those ass clowns questions about iPod or iTunes because they've always given me wrong answers. I feel y'alls pain.

Joan said...

Did you get an IPhone?? Wouldn't mail order be easier? (says me who mail orders everything)

Minnie, I want an Apple laptop. Sick of Norton Utilities clogging up my computer.

junior_goddess said...

Mail order would have been much better, except set up would have been impossible.

smariek said...

Was it a zoo because everyone wanted to see the new MacBook Air?

junior_goddess said...

No, it was a zoo because the chin-droolers came out to the mall. It wasn't just one item, it was the whole damned store.

junior_goddess said...

Oh, and I just want everyone to know that I was not directing the chin-drooler label at anyone-the customers qualified, the staff qualified.

Seriously, Saturday before Christmas at Walmart. 4:30 pm on Valentines Day at the mall jewelry store. Labor Day at 11 am in front of the beer cooler. Y'all get the idea.