Monday, February 25, 2008


Sometimes it's kind of hard to keep symbology straight. If you are in Texas, you know the first symbol. If you are in Hawaii, you know the one on the right. If you have deaf family members, you know the center one. And when you all pile out of the house to wave good-bye to the family, neighbors think you are either Red-neck (Hook 'em horns!) or Surfer (chaka, bra-surf's up!). The center sign is ASL for "I love you."

We got a phone call Saturday; DH's Uncle Tony passed away. I ordered these today. I browsed 1-800 Flowers, FTD, Teleflora-everything I wanted was either pink or absurdly expensive, and I spent at least an hour looking. Finally, I got mad, and just called a random florist in Spring Hill Florida. As it turned out, DH's cousin is her regular customer. Our transaction went really well until she asked "What shall I put on the card?"

I only met Uncle Tony once, when my father-in-law died. No one could sit in Dad's recliner, we all just looked at it, and cut a wide path to avoid it. Tony got comfortable in his little brother's chair. We were all fine with that. Nice man. He was very impressed with the flags I put on Dad's arrangement. I wish I had one for his.

When the florist asked the question, my eyes filled up and my lip trembled. He was the last of the three brothers from Brooklyn, only Aunt Ninni is left. The stories are winding down. I am so glad that in the last sight he had of my family, we were waving like maniacs.


Libby said...

Sorry for your loss. Those flowers sure are pretty and you outdid yourself with them!!!

Suzann said...

Sorry to hear about your Uncle Tony. Those are some mighty fine looking young men.

Minnie~Knits said...

that is such a sweet story, Bets... I have big tears in my eyes! I hope your family is doing ok.

smariek said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. He still lives on in your memories, even if it's just the one. Those are three handsome men in that photo.

Les said...

Sorry to hear about Marks Uncle Tony. That's a great picture - they look like triplets!! Very handsome triplets!

Enid said...

My deepest condolence, to your hubby, you and family.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the news - and glad yo have good memories. Beautiful flowers.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Uncle Tony's passing. What a great shot of those handsome men; nice picture to remember him by.

Joan said...

What a sweet photo of 3 dapper handsome guys...and look at those lapels!

So very sorry Bets. It pains me so to watch the generation before slowly disappear.

You did great on the beautiful flowers.