Friday, February 29, 2008

WTF are Leaplings??

Today's my birthday. People I share my birthday with-Tony Robbins (Banana Hands in Shallow Hal), Richard Ramirez (The Night Stalker) and Aileen Wuornos (portrayed in the movie Monster). Great. A small percentage of the population is born on my birthday (1:1,500), but what a preponderance of weirdos.

I read in my local paper that people born on February 29th are known as Leaplings. I've been around for 12 birthdays and never heard that term until yesterday. Sputter grumble.... Leapling!!! Why not Leapette, or Leaper, or Leapster, or a niner? I think someone's making crap up and putting it in Wikipedia. I have to think about this a little, then I am going to make something will be good, I promise. Leapling, my ass. That's LAME.

I am pretty excited that Google managed to make a cute little icon for MY birthday. You'll have to excuse me, I don't get real birthdays all that often, and I relish them. Birthday absence is difficult in the formative years, that is-any year before your 30th. I have a lot of pent-up glee!

I also found out about the Leap Year Capital of the World. I am going for my next birthday. That's not lame at all.

There was a nummy little bit of yarny goodness, courtesy of the mailman. TWO matching hanks of sea silk, which is enough to make a BIG DEAL garment. Yummo!!!!

One really annoying thing about my birthday is that you only get a birthday horoscope once every four years. So let's stock up-

Responsibilities weigh on you. Much might be going on behind the scenes or in your mind. Start clearing out some of these thoughts, and you will have reason to smile. Listen to your inner voice about a boss, parent or older individual. Tonight: Could be late.

and then there is-

Born February 29 Your leadership skills are elevated, and you are likely to engage in teamwork and group projects with success. Your charm is strong, and others warm up to your ideas readily. However, there are times when you might come on too strong, attempting to push your agenda on others--something that can only cause problems. You can also be more temperamental, and sparks can fly in your love life! You are goal-oriented and capable of accomplishing pretty much anything you desire. You simply have to be patient and not expect too much at once. more

and then the Aussies say-

Friday 29th February Birthdays – this year sees you with plenty of desire but you may not quite have what you need for the carry through. Make sure your plans are based in reality if you want success.

Born on This Day– 1976 Jeff "Ja Rule" Atkins, 1972 Antonio Sabato, Jr., 1960 Tony Robbins, 1956 Jonathan Coleman, 1936 Jack Lousma, 1916 Dinah Shore, 1904 Jimmy Dorsey, 1896 William Wellman, 1860 Herman Hollerith

Babies born today will be dynamic little people, who will enjoy starting new projects. They may need help with carrying them out to the end though. There can be clashes with those in authority, beginning with parents and teachers. Once they learn to take responsibility they can move mountains

And then THIS caught my eye-but this one took the prize. I don't think the mom had hoops of pain....I think they meant whoops of pain. Because basketball would suck if you were in labor.


Marcia said...

Happy Birthday Chica!!
I hoop in your general direction. ::I'm not of athletic ilk, so you are advised to stay clear.::

When Ana was born, I'd watch late night MTV while up for feedings. I developed a wee crush on fellow Leapling Ja Rule.

smariek said...

Sheng ri kuai le. (That's supposed to be Happy Birthday in Chinese, I think) Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Minnie~Knits said...

hope you're having the happiest of birthdays! Can't wait to see what that gorgeous yarn turns into...

Joan said...

Happy Birthday, Leap-person! (I kind of like Leapling myself.) The yarn is gorgeous in your photo. They are just crazy amazing with color up there. Hope it suits you and please--for YOU, no one else no matter how much they might pout.

Facinating little Leap tidbits. The leap year expert hat goes to you.

Anonymous said...

I just know it was happy! I share my birthday with Vincent Van Gogh, and Warren Beatty. Geez.