Thursday, February 07, 2008

and dance by the light of the moon!

  • Miss Clara P, on Knitter's Review, reviewed Buffalo Gals yarn today. Trouble was, the ball band made a break for it. As luck would have it, DH came breezin' in this afternoon, and wanted me to go ride around the golf course with him. I grabbed this hank, an Ann Budd, and my short Addis, in hopes of casting something on. DH drives golf carts like they are go-carts. Good thing I didn't pack anything trickier.
  • Here's the Buffalo Gals 2 ply; this was plain and naked on my Jan 29 post and now it's sporting lime and blue raspberry Koolaid.
  • My zippers came in today. They are BEAUTIFUL. Can't wait to knit stuff up and have the dry-cleaner sew the zippers in. Why yes, I AM lazy!!


Enid said...

Cheers to you and hubby going on Golf Cart rides together. :D

Cindy G said...

Have the dry cleaner sew them in, what a brilliant idea. I'm not being sarcastic. I think that's the best knitting tip I've read all month. I may reconsider the use of zippers.

Michelle said...

Lazy? Nah. Sewing in zippers sux.