Friday, February 16, 2007

Watch and see-

The world can expect a roller-coaster ride of conflict and unrest, natural disasters and a plunge in global stock markets once the Year of the Pig begins, Chinese soothsayers say.
As the world farewells the Year of the Dog on Sunday, believers in Chinese superstitions have been busy consulting fortune tellers, feng shui geomancers and a wealth of new books for the year's fortunes.

"It is anticipated that there will be more international conflicts and disharmony, which will even lead to regional warfare, uprising and unrest, or the overthrow of governments in certain countries," he said.

"So it will not be surprising that there will be more gun battles, murder with guns, bombing attacks in the year 2007," Lo added.

Feng shui expert Lee Sing-tong predicts serious conflict in the Middle East this coming year.
"Religious wars will turn intense. There will be large-scale warfare or explosions," said Lee, a third-generation feng shui master. He also expects serious diplomatic conflicts in the East, for instance between China and Japan, and says the problem will be most acute until May 5.
Fortune teller Alion Yeo, who predicted nuclear testing in North Korea last year, said there is a chance that the power of Pyongyang's leader, Kim Jong-il, will weaken.
"This will most likely happen between June and July. I can see their leader is in bad luck during the period. This means something will be changed: someone might replace him or he might fall ill," Yeo said.
"There might be a chance that he would leave his position or hand over his duty to someone else," he added.

The Year of the Pig will largely be a smooth one for the United States, although Yeo predicts an interest rate hike in the third quarter and a big accident between June and July.
"It could be a big fire or an explosion. It would be something that draws the world's attention and causes the stock market to fall," he said, adding however that the market would quickly recover.
Yeo also predicts a strong earthquake, at least 7.0 on the Richter scale, in a Japanese city between March and April. But the number of wounded would be limited by the earthquake resistance of the country's architecture.

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Joan said...

I love fung shui, add red to every room. My next door neighbor (on the other side, not the pals I talk about) had an obnoxious 17 yr old daughter, HS drop out who partied all day at home while her dad worked. A few years ago, I couldn't take it any more and put a small bagua mirror in my kitchen window, facing out & into the bedroom window of the obnoxious kid. Do you know that she disappeared within a few days of that!? Moved down south to live with her mother. Never saw her again.

But seriously, isn't there a major threat of diasater in the Middle East every year?

Anonymous said...

WHAT is a BAGUA mirror?? I must get one! I have this neighbor...