Monday, February 19, 2007

The C word-

Looky looky! I've been soooo intrigued by this technique....I wanted to take this course last year, but it was full. Leisure Arts came out with a book! Yahoo! I ordered several....I had several knitting fairy visits recently, and I had to take care of the fairy tariff.

I discovered Melody MacDuffee does this with sewing thread! YIPES! (I'm not sure I can manage THAT without new bifocals, but I am starting to see new and exciting applications with knitting.) I corresponded with her to ask about some Crochet Fantasy articles she published, and I didn't have the heart to tell her I am a crochet drop-out. Last year's Christmas pins, as small as they were, hurt my wrists for days.... She suggested using sport or worsted weight yarn for bigger pieces. (She was also excited that I bought several copies...;-) I think I can push the envelope a little harder than worsted weight!!!

What if I can embellish a TAM (oh, just roll your eyes!) or any knitted center-out or border-in piece with crochet like this???? HMMMM? Then what happens?

I think I just found my next challenge!


Marcia said...

I got it.

Here it is: An intarsia, entrelac tam, knit on variously flavored, unwaxed, generic/store brand dental floss with crocheted inserts of, you know, beadwork.

Do I so get you, okay, or what?

Uh, yah.

Okay. So I had to drink an entire bottle of wine tonight, because we are leaving in the morning and pouring down the drain, a half bottle of wine is, okay, either a sign of a drinking problem or poor drinking planning, neither of which I am willing to cop to.

Michelle said...

This books looks awesome. I might have to check it out.

Your Lady Eleanor looks gorgeous!

Leigh said...

Well, I'm impressed. this is taking crochet to a new level of creativity. Good bye to chunky easy-do afghans!