Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bruised Lady E

I started my Lady Eleanor today, and I am not nuts about this color; I think it looks like a pallette of bruises. It's Mr. Joe Sangria in Ice Wine. In the scan, up against a nice crisp white, the purple and maroons pop a little more than they do in my natural light, where they look like bruises and scabs. Nice.
I don't like the effect of the e-cast-on, as it's left me with prominent loops that will require some crochet, because I really don't like fringe at all. It's a waste of good yarn, in my mind. I will press on and finish it, tho. I hope I get more better at entrelac. ;-)


Joan said...

Well, I love the wine colors but again don't see it in daylight. If you are not liking it, please pick another yarn before you do anymore because this is a lotta fabric you'll be staring at. Why put good energy into a project you know you don't like at the outset? Sad bets=no,no.

what do you mean by "e cast on"? I see that the directions say to use a backward loop but I don't understand why a regular long tail won't work. Maybe it creates a too-bulky edge? About the fringe, I normally hate fringe too and don't put it on anything BUT I really like the Lady E fringe with all the knots. It's more macrame than fringe. Maybe you'll make an exception? I think LE has to have the fringe.

WEBS didn't come thru for me today (no surprise).

hey, I think you have it exactly about the pick ups! I was afraid of making them too bulky (since I was using a bulky yarn in the swatch) so only picked up one loop. Thanks, Sherlock!

Lisa W. said...

i think the color is "ok"...but I'm with Joan, if you're not lovin' it...don't do it! I didn't really start grooving on the entrelac until I was at about tier 5 or 6...but then...whoa nelly's fun. I'm not normally a fringe gal but the whole lady e thing really needs the macrame fringe to make it spectacular instead of just another ho hum wrap..just my two cents. keep on knitting :)

Suzann said...

I like the wine colorway. Don't like the e cast on for the reason you said. Lots of long loops left behind. I am guessing they want a very very stretchy cast on. My mind just goes blank when faced with entrelac :-)

junior_goddess said...

Well, guys, if I told you I HAVE a lot of this color, would my drive to use it make more sense? I have two balls of a coordinate (if such a thing exists in Mr. Joe) and plan to tuck them in just to break this up a little.

smariek said...

You must have a lot of patience. Short row knitting drives me insane. Brusis and scabs... lovely description.

What do you have planned for the Carloway?