Wednesday, February 14, 2007

At the halfway point-

I am officially at the halfway point with Lady E. I brought her to work yesterday, and managed to finish my designated two tiers. Lady E actually goes better with a TV set than anything else. Being halfway stirs a lot more enthusiasm. I'll try for my requisite tier today. All bets are off...I am NOT giving her away until I find a REALLY good giftee. I am sure it will be a while before I EVER make her again. Being in a KAL really helps with the motivation.


Joan said...

Yay Bets! B-E-T-S, go Bets! (cheerleading) Ditto on not doing this again soon. Major ditto on Lady E+ TV, it's mandatory to prevent head explosion.

Lisa W. said...

Go Bets...go bets...keep knitting...keep knitting........when we are finished with this it will be virtual high fives all the way around!

jayne said...

Catching up after a few days of mostly napping. I like that necklace. I don't like 'em huge either, so yours looks just about right to me. I like that natural look.

The song I most remember from my one stint of dating (and then I married him) is "I Want To Know What Love Is" by Foreigner, and a whole lot of songs from Dire Straits Brothers in Arms album.

I now know that I never want to knit a Lady E, but have been enjoying the event vicariously through y'all.

PS. Feuding?? Wherever did you get that idea? :)

smariek said...

Woo hoo! You have to finish it now... :-)

Lady E sounds mind numbing. I'm in no hurry to knit this one (plus I know entrelac drives me insane).

Anonymous said...

I love the colors of your Lady E on Mr. Joe (should rephrase that). I finally got my butt in gear and I am making good progress on the tiers.

Anonymous said...

I love the Mr. Joe LE. It looks fabulous. Even started one of my own--but scarf size. It is rather mind numbing but sometimes that is just what I need. (BTW, is there a west cupcake too? Cupcake is such a cute name that I thought it was fictitious. I can be somewhat thick sometimes--I'm going to google it and see if it real.) kelly