Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A glimpse of life in East Cupcake

East Cupcake is largely agricultural, and has been since the fake perfume factory closed down a few years ago. (You know-the "smells-like" body sprays...they hired ex-Revlon managers at the plant. If you didn't know, Revlon stock tanked after someone discovered some untidy accounting practices.) The kids get off school for stock show. The kids earn a lot of $$ at the stock show! Two interesting businesses are the glitzy women's western wear store (she gets a lot of overseas business) and the cowboy rope company. An employee for the rope company goes EVERYWHERE you wouldn't imagine, and the company sponsors PRCA riders.

I had an unexpected conversation with Mr. Rope-man this morning.

Him "I'm going to London this weekend."

Me "Cool! It's Fashion Week, and you'll be able to buy a cool present for your wife."

Him "Oh, yeah, it is!"

We laughed-the things you WOULDN'T expect to hear in East Cupcake! Ok, back to Lady E....

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T said...

I will not say what KIND of Unique Boutique I expect that Woman's Western Wear place to be, now that I've seen the website, but the name "Miss Kitty" does come to mind