Saturday, February 10, 2007

Five Secrets Meme

Marie tagged me for the five secrets meme. If I do one of these every two months, there's gonna be nothing left to tell! I'm supposed to share five new things that I haven't told on my blog, and then tag five others.

1) My husband rented Jackass 2 last night. I watched for a while, but had to avert my face, because I got grossed out. So did he. I eventually left the room.

2) I'm surprisingly good at making jelly and jam. And I like to do it. My daughter (11 at the time) won 3rd place in the Texas State Fair adult division with jelly I helped her make.

3) I like to read about the science of food-NOT the molecular gastronomy, and NOT at the cellular level, but the whys of baking powder. Cook's Illustrated is my favorite magazine, because it explains things like that.

4) I don't care for flavored lattes. I sell them like crazy, but I only want 25% of the syrup in our normal portion!

5) My kids were born on their great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents wedding days (respectively). Not in the same year, of course. ;-)

I'll tag Joan, Lib, Karin, Suzann, and...and...heck, a lurker!


Lisa W. said... dumbass BOUGHT Jackass 2! He started describing what you are talking about and I said to myself "NO>>>STOP NOW::::I DONT WANT THAT IMAGE IN MY HEAD"...gag! how's lady interminable?

Suzann said...


Joan said...

D$@%! you, woman!

Joan said... blog name?! Does that mean we can now read your mind?

junior_goddess said...

no, because I scribble! ;-P

Karin said...

No-o-o-o!! And what Joan said :)!