Saturday, February 24, 2007

Qwikee Knit

Ah....a speed project! I wound the yarn (by hand) for the KPS Weekend Cardi last week, when I was feeling good and sick of the E-thing. I've got Elann's special buy mohair (Aurora) in purple, and Cherry Tree Hill Baby Loop mohair knit together. (I have a ton of Baby Loop, and I want to help some of it go away!) I'm working on size 15 Balene IIs.
I am testing my dissimilar gauge theory with this project. Two dissimilar gauged yarns knit together should produce
Yarn A gauge (the larger yarn)minus (oh hell, where IS the square root symbol??) square root of yarn B gauge = the gauge of yarns A & B knit together
I am getting the expected gauge. Or maybe I am just knitting a lotta air into my mohAIR. Har dee har. I like the fabric-the Aurora is a chunkish mohair, and the Baby Loop gives it a little backbone and pop. It's fluffy and not flimsy.


les said...

You can't possibly think that you'll have need to wear that cardi so you'll just have to send it this way! Sky is ckear as the sun is coming up and it looks mild out - just about perfect to wear that cardi with a scarf - and I have 3 that would look nice with those colours!

jayne said...

Yarn calculus...ACK!

I love fast knitting. Been working on one myself this week.

"Chunkish" is a good word. I'm stealing that one.

junior_goddess said...

Les, this is for Mark's snappy aunt. I'm getting a jump on Christmas!

Lisa W. said...

mmm...i like those two knit together...nice soft cozy fluffage :)