Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bruises and scabs part 2

I'd be a whole lot happier if this yarn had another color in there. I picked this because I was having a "what the heck do I make NOW" moment yesterday. I chose to work with Super Kydd and some railroad ribbon stranded together, and in all honesty, it wouldn't have worked for the intended victim. I was at work, and this was the only other yarn I had on hand. (Sometimes the nice mailman delivers my white boxes at work, because it's earlier on his route-lucky me!) I've been making a mistake on Lady E (working two stitches together at the beginning of the rectangle) but since I am not familiar enough with entrelac to notice the ill effects of that, I don't plan to rework them.

Yarns (clockwise) teal mohair, green Carloway, wine mohair and purple mohair

Interestingly enough, I buy these colors all the time. Actually, that's not interesting, that's just me. Here are the bag mohair and Carloway Shetland Aran I got from Elann last week. There is nothing dainty and refined about either of these yarns; I like them because they are simple, sturdy, and straightforward, like steel cut oatmeal. Several people have asked what I plan to make with the has to be a cardigan, because it is NOT next to the skin soft. I would buy more if there was any more left. I like its simplicity. The mohair really surprised me, because it is exceedingly sturdy, and the colors were MUCH darker and more intense than I expected. That is never a bad thing for me, but I am a little disappointed that I passed up the blue because I thought it was too royal. It was probably perfect. Look at the teal-it's gorgeous. The purple I saw on my monitor when I ordered was very crayony, and I had my doubts, which vanished when I opened the box. The wine is closer to cordovan (I have an aversion to brown), but still very useful.


Lisa W. said...

I got the teal and the burgundy (which looks much more raisiny to me) and the victorian rose which actually matches things in my closet. I love this mohair and cant wait to finish Lady E so I can do a top down cardi. I like the fabric you are getting with Mr. Joe...but it is dark and mysterious looking :)

Amy QOY said...

Bets, if you hadn't figured from my elann post I am also doing this colorway, but it must be an auburn hair thing --- because I love it. Yours looks better though since you are doing full size. In scarf size mine is pooling a little with a light and dark side. Thanks for the tip on needle size. 10's are perfect. How many balls do you plan to use? I think my 5 will be enough. It is 12" wide with a 24 stitch cast on.