Monday, February 26, 2007

No Afghans for Afghans

because they need SOCKS! Joan reminded us all that Afghans for Afghans is looking for socks! The goal is 250 pair by 7 March. I started mine last night in Tarragon HW. I had a lone ball rattling around (WHY did I order ONE ball? Who knows...) so I started to knit a kid's small. I used the leg of the sock to test an attractive pattern, which is a lot more fun than knitting a swatch. I've never knit a sock with a short row heel, and kind of miss the flap, thanks.
Here's a link to the pattern.
And by the way, go visit Norma for a Red Scarf recap!


smariek said...

Cute sock. What I want to know is where you got the book in the pic. I'm looking for that one. Can't find it in stores & it's not at the library.

jayne said...

Yay, socks!

Yours looks good. I prefer the flap too.

I'm working on the second one of my small pair today. This is a real labor of love as I've knit nothin' but socks the last three days, and my hands are starting to ache. But a good cause, so Knit On!

Joan said...

Way cute, Bets! I also abandoned the SR heel in favor of the heel flap & turn. So much easier. I love your idea of truning swatches into socks. It's the perfect use for swatches you want to make anyway. Clever girl (but we knew that).

Cindy G said...

Love the sock! And thanks for the link to Norma. I continue to be amazed by knitters and crocheters.