Monday, February 12, 2007

Nada meme

Ok, I'm officially declaring this blog a meme free zone until 1 July. I think we are all getting meme'd out. Instead, I'll take a poll, because I am interested in what you have to say.

It's Friday night, and you are 17, 19, 22....what song did you play to get fired up to go out and break hearts? In an odd surfing moment, I happened upon mine "Crush on You" from Bruce Springsteen's "The River". Actually, the odd surfing moment came when I was looking up the words to the old song "Pony Boy" and found a version by Bruuuuuccccce. Who'da thought my dad and Bruce would sing the same song? I never imagined that could happen!

I am cheating on Lady E like the heartless tramp that I am. If I do a 1/2 tier a night, it will still get done, right? I don't think I am giving her away, because I can't stand to do this one twice.


Marcia said...

Did you want a song from each of those years?

I was kind of a mellow, funk chick, with a touch of rock, in the head.

Probably the most inspiring pre-party music would've been played in the dorm. Boz Scaggs, It's Over.

Or Blondie, Heart of Glass. Great driving song.

High School, eh...we listened to the radio in the car so it was whatever they played. Hardly anyone I knew had an 8 track in their car. probably a good thing.

junior_goddess said...

Oh---Boz Scaggs "Georgia"!!! I forgot that one!

Daryl said...

Little old nerdy me didn't have fire up music in college. Whatever people were playing in the dorm in North Carolina, the years of Fleetwood Mac and Jackson Brown. But when I was in high school my sister would drive me to parties in her ancient Mini Minor singing, That's the way, uh huh, uh huh I like it and tapping her foot on the brake. Of course, being a whole 14 months older and way too sophisticated she never went in to the parties.

T said...

LOL - I have never in my life owned a stereo. I don't own an IPOD now. And if you counted up every CD I have ever had, excluding Christmas music, probably half of them are Gregorian Chant.

However, during the wild Manhatten years, if I HAD had one, I would have played that song that has the line "You do the walk of life." I never knew the name of the song or who played it, but very high energy level there...

Anonymous said...

My mind is a blank, not much unlike those years. At 22, I think the sexiest song I dated to was "Turn the Lights Out" by Teddy Pendergrass...aaah.