Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wild Fibers contest

Wild Fibers and Buffalo Gold yarns are sponsoring a "Make it with Buffalo" contest. Top prize for a hobby knitter is 200.00. Losers get a chance at a buffalo gift basket-and THAT'S what I want. I've been leafing thru the Barbaras, and finally found two patterns that complement each other. My plan is to make two hats, one double-stranded, and one single stranded after the hatband, using the same stitches. I should be able to get TWO hats out of this single, expensive skein of laceweight.
The color is, at the end of the day, a warm, rich rusty color, which I still can't wear, but is at least interesting to knit.
I've FINALLY found my rhythm on the stitch pattern of the knitting that must not be named. I had to chart it up AND knit more than two entire balls of sweater bottom, and sleeve cuffs that 5" long, to get comfortable with the pattern. Plus, I went out and bought a new set of bamboo circs, which seems to be the right needle for the yarn. Shheesh. This pattern is rated EXPERT. I think it should be rated TORTURE.


Enid said...

Why can't you wear brown again? Cuz you're eyes are a lite ish brown I think it would make them pop. Not out or anything, unless your hat is too tight, then it might make them bulge a little bit. But you are a loose knitter so I think the eyes are safe.


Suzann said...

ROTFLMAO... enid I now have the image of Bets eyes popping out from a to tight hat. Like the cartoons, when the guys eyes pop on seeing a hot looking gal.
I hope you win Bets
Does SHE who must not be named, read your blog Bets? I am impressed :-P

smariek said...

The color looks nice, I bet it is even nicer in real life.