Saturday, November 03, 2007

So now I can kill cats

Relax. I am referring to firepower, not intent.

I'll never forget the first time I fired a weapon. It was in the spring some 25 years ago, and I fired an M-16, thinking "I could hurt someone." As it turns out, I never had to fire at anyone, but I did get damned good at cleaning them. So good, I embarrassed several teen-aged boys during annual qualification, because I can reassemble an M-16 very neatly.

That's all I fired until a few weeks ago. DH found the local range, and I went out there and tried to fire his Dan Wesson. I wasn't all that good, but that's a big gun for my small hands.

He was happy I went out with him. I was happy I finally got to shoot without being timed or someone yelling at me. He was so happy, he bought a Ruger 10-22. He bought THIS and that, and some fashionable hunter accessories, and went out and fired it.

Last weekend, I went out to the range with him. We took turns-5 shots on his target, 5 on mine. Somewhere in the middle of all that, he started making adjustments. "No honey, it shouldn't affect you." Hmmm. I was born at night, but not LAST night. If he is making site adjustments for HIM, it affects me. My accuracy went downhill quickly; I was all over the target.

We got ready to leave, and I resolved to take my time. I was pleased. Ok groupings. I realize it's just a squirrel killer, but I did all right. (shhh-don't tell anyone, but I did better than my spouse!)


Lisa W. said...

ha! i still brag about my marksmanship ribbon from basic! lol...and now dd wants to learn to shoot so we have a date at the range by birchwood airport next weekend. it'll be interesting to see how bifocals effect the target practice. way to go sharpshooter!

Joan said...

LOL. Love you Texans. All of my TX relatives are transplants so are watered down versions. My little 8 yr old neighbor is lending me his BB gun so I can shoot at the cat who is killing my feeding birds and assorted small critters. Also the one responsible for Murphy's hook worms, I suspect. Right now I throw rocks at it.

Cindy G said...

You know, I've always hated guns: yeah, yeah, bleeding heart liberal. But, damn, I'd like to be able to impress teenage boys that way. Talk about empowerment :}

junior_goddess said...

Joan, I grew up in Chicago. Born there, actually. In an odd way, it's like golf---can I get a better 'score'?

claybustinprincess said...

Hmmmm. . . . .I never impressed a teenage boy with my gun skills -- but I've kicked some male backside after age 40 on the skeet field. It really frosts 'em when I take my knitting out of my shooting bag between rounds.

You go girl! My skeet guru (male) at the club has always said that women are better than men with guns because we can multi-task.

junior_goddess said...

Oh, no, that was not impress! Picture the scene-25 people in a room, 3 women scattered randomly across the room and 22 guys.

Now, be the 19 year old who is NOT from a shooting family. You are having a hard time reassembling the weapon after you took it apart...and you look up so see some chick. And she's done. Talk about embarrassment!

smariek said...

Had a great chuckle reading about the teenage boys, and your DH making site adjustments. How exciting to have fired an M16. I used to work with some gun enthusiasts, so we went to a range and I got to use a 9mm and .22.