Monday, November 19, 2007

The Happy Report-

I really wanted to love these. I ordered FOUR of them for Christmas gifts. They weren't cheap. They are "eh". I think the things that dampen my enthusiasm are

1) The photo is adhered via a sticker. It's transparent, so in my case, you have to look really hard to see the photo when the bottle does not have anything behind it. The photos on the Clinique site are a little misleading.

2) The transparent sticker, along with its position on the BACK of the bottle means that I will never see my mom's picture without an atomizer stem running thru the middle of it.

Opinion: If you have the technology to make a clear window sticker at home, do it yourself.

Other things that dampen my enthusiasm-family issues have made this one banner freakin' day. I am aggravated beyond belief. And hurt. And angry.


Enid said...

I'm sorry the bottles did work out for you.

Suzann said...

You could always crack whoever is aggravating you over the head with the bottles. Sorry families can be a joy and they can gut you.
Hope things are better real soon

Evelyn said...

So sorry you had a bad day Bets but at least you did the right thing and took care of the girls.
A short time ago while I was getting undressed for bed, I stated to my DH that I hated boobs. They just hang there looking stupid and I could do with a reduction or something. His reply was, "I don't agree that they are stupid but they DO have an expiry date". That comment made my day and I laughed for a long time. It still makes me smile. Hope it puts a smile on your face.

smariek said...

Bummer, it sounded like such a neat idea too.

Lisa W. said...

i still love that pic of your just screams 'happy'....i think the girls will really love it too...and it is a good idea.

sorry family is being crappy stupid. i hate that. remember, you're virtual family loves ya tons.

Gryffinitter said...

YEah, lisa's got it. We love ya tons, and you even get to more or less approve of us, ya know?


Grace Yaskovic said...

oH Bets YOU KNOW I KNOW how you feel I keep making the effort and after today I truly wonder why!! Fell better and soak in our love!!!