Monday, November 26, 2007

Might as well decorate

Ok, I had to get rid of the Christmas Tree--I've had over 100,000 gifts sent that were simple spam-but let me tell you about my gifts-

Les gave me an elephant Chia Pet-"I chose this for ya so you can make an elephant sandwich if time gets a little short this season!"
Kelly gave me a copy of the movie Elf-I wanted a knitting elf, but this guy will have to do. As we say, meri kurisumasu.
Marie gave me lingerie.
Debbie gave me socks, of course.
S. left me a pony
Lee gave me a trip! Suzann did too.
Clay bustin' princess, Lisa W., Minnie and Enid each left me a shot of tequila. Enid claims that was the second one she left, but I think she drank it.
Evelyn gave me a new car, because mine got crunched up.
Billie gave me brown shoes that look good on me.
Marcia left me virginity, saying "When I was young, I often worried that Id be chosen for the next immaculate conception, and no one would believe."

Enid had one of these at her blog-I learned from sad experience that I couldn't leave a pony under the tree. Funny. I could leave a book on poop, but no pony.

Be creative. Nothing like a box of rocks and a 50 pound booger on Christmas morning!

Grace noted that the presents seem to be disappearing, and she's right. There's a flaw in the code. But I can still go to the site and see what you left!


Enid said...

Got my HUGe did you???
Too bad we weren't in the same group

Minnie~Knits said...

very cool! I left ya a little sumthin'...

Marcia said...

This was the most fun I've had all day..week...month. Yeah. Month.

Grace Yaskovic said...

I thought I left you a gift yesterday, I know I did, where did it go????

Trish - My Merino Mantra said...

I KNOW I left you some tequila yesterday - where is it, girly?

Enid said...

What the hell happened to your tree?
you got spamm like crazy or you really had 3000+ gifts. YOU GO GIRL!!

Evelyn said...

Bets...I think you should remove that tree. It sure has a virus or something in it because the gifts I saw were very rude and the good ones your friends left have all been deleted.