Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bierocks. Because beer rocks.

I bought "America's Best Lost Recipes" this week. I previewed it at my local library, and noticed several recipes in it that I have made and enjoyed over the years. I was particularly fascinated by the recipe for Runsas (Bierocks) , a perogi variant common in Kansas and Nebraska. A homemade Hot Pocket, if you will. They are stuffed with cooked hamburger, cabbage, onions and cheese.
I made the Runsas last night. They were a little time consuming. I enlisted DH's help in making them, which is kind of like getting a third grader to wash behind his ears. I heard a lot of bitching. I bitched back. It was pretty funny watching DH get his ass kicked by Saran wrap.
There was a lot of chopping and browning. Someone had warned me that the filling tended to be bland, and I tried to compensate for that. It took 2 teaspoons of Penzey's Roast Beef Seasoning (that's salted), 1/2 t. Fox Point, and 1/2 t. Mural of Flavor for two pounds of meat. I think the super lean mean called for is the reason I had to add so much seasoning (or is it because we've aquired the Texas spicy palate?)
They were, in a word-GOOD. DH took a bite and said "That's a keeper," which means I need to keep the recipe. The cheese adds a salty flavor to the filling, the cabbage adds a pleasant crunch, and the dough behaved well. They looked just like the picture. They are hefty and filling. I think they would freeze just fine, but not sure if the filling would get soggy.
I give this recipe four stars. Perfect for a football gathering. They would go PERFECTLY with a mug of beer. Good for cold winter evenings--just add a vegetable soup, and it's a meal. They are fairly complete as they are-bread, vegetable, meat, dairy, all in one. They take a while (2 hours) so if you have a large crew, make a double batch and make it worth your time. The recipe makes eight, and one IS a serving.


Grace Yaskovic said...

sound awesome, I remember seeing them on a food show once and wanted to try it even then!! Happy Holiday my friend

Cindy G said...

From ethereal to cabbage, I love it! The Fairy Sprite is quite breathtaking, and the Runsas sound like my kind of food :)

Enid said...

Sounds good!!
Happy Thanksgiving my friend!


smariek said...

You're trying to leave your readers salivating in front of their keyboards, huh? It's always great whet the hubby declares a new recipe a "keeper". I just wish this would happen more frequently on the less time consuming recipes, lol.