Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Stick a needle in my eye

I took a break from entrelac jail for some KNITTING THAT MUST NOT BE NAMED. It's a pattern from a well-known magazine. It's rated at expert. It would not be that hard, except they didn't bother to chart it out. It's one of those evil patterns that have you working your knitting self to death on the right and wrong side rows. While I can figure out what to do on the right side row, I was really struggling with the wrong side. I couldn't find a rhythm.

I was rapidly losing patience, so I sought out knitters graph paper, and just charted both the right and reverse rows. The fiendish eighty stitch pattern was penned into 26 squares, rendering it 2/3rds less powerful. It's docile now, and trudges back and forth from needle to needle.

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smariek said...

What is "knitters graph paper"? Something different than regular graph paper?